Smart Semiconductor Fingerprint Door Lock TTLOCK APP Remote Unlocking Keyless Lock Password/Fingerprint/Mechanical Key/IC Card


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Door Lock Anti Peeping Fingerprint Security Handle Lock TTLOCK APP Control Type-C Emergency Charge for 3.5-6.5cm Thickness Doors


1. Multiple Unlocking Methods: This smart lock offers a variety of unlocking options to cater to different needs. It includes semiconductor fingerprint recognition (50 fingerprints capacity), digital password input (150 combinations), IC card access (2 cards), and traditional mechanical backup keys (2 keys).

2. Intelligent TTLOCK APP: The smart lock can be easily managed through the TTLOCK APP, allowing users to add or delete users, change access permissions, manage user passwords (set validity period, delete, check status), and monitor opening/closing records remotely. Passwords can be sent to friends and family for remote access without the need for an internet connection.

3. Convenient Access with “Always Open” Mode: The lock can be switched to “Always Open” mode, eliminating the need for verification and allowing quick access. By pressing the handle’s “Always Open” button for 1 second, the lock mode can be changed instantly. In case of low battery or complete depletion, the lock can still be opened using the backup keys. The lock also a USB-C charging port, enabling temporary power supply from a portable charger.

4. Enhanced Security to Protect Against Tampering and Unauthorized Access: The lock is designed with a detached handle that prevents malicious damage and protects internal components. The handle can be interchanged for left or right-handed use. The touch-sensitive keypad lights up upon entering the living room, ensuring practicality and convenience. The handle cannot be activated without verified fingerprints. The lock incorporates an anti-peep design, allowing you to enter any random code before and after the correct password, ensuring the safety of you and your family.

5. Robust Construction: The lockhead is made of durable and strong zinc alloy material, effectively preventing unlawful access attempts. Its reinforced structure and hardened design provide excellent resistance against external damage. Additionally, the lock exhibits outstanding load-bearing capacity, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.


Certification: CE

Origin: Mainland China

Material: Zinc alloy

Color: Black, Silver (optional)

Unlock method: App, password, fingerprint, mechanical key, IC card


Bluetooth-compatible standard: Bluetooth-compatible 4.1BLE

Fingerprint head type: semiconductor fingerprint head

Fingerprint capacity: 50 pieces

Rejection rate (FRR):<1.0%

False admission rate (FAR):<0.001%

Unlock time: about = 1.5 seconds

Key type: capacitive touch button

Number of passwords: Custom and permanent passwords: 150

Other dynamic passwords: 150

Lock cylinder level: C-level lock cylinder

Power supply mode: 4 alkaline Dry cell (not included)/USB-C emergency charging

Low voltage alarm voltage: 4.8V

Voltage range: 4.5-9V

Standby current: 65 microamps

Working current: less than 200 mA

Motor interface output voltage: battery voltage reduced by 0.3v

Supported mobile systems: Android 4.3/for IOS 7.0C or above

Working temperature range: -20-70 degrees Celsius

Applicable range: doors with a thickness of 3.5-6.5cm

Lock cylinder: 25mm x 60-70mm, adjustable

Size: About 160x65x28mm/6.29×2.55×1.10inch

Weight: 800g

Attention: The product comes with an English manual. Please follow our instructions to install and set up the intelligent door handle.


Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!

Please allow 1-2cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.


1 * Intelligent door lock body

1 * Installation kit

2 * Key

2 * IC card

1 * Instructions

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brown, Sky Blue

Power Supply

Dry Battery

Suitable Door Type

Glass Door,Wooden Door

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